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2018 Fundraiser

Multi-level Community Center: Something Good in Englewood

For: Little Angels Learning Center
Chicago, IL
Organizer: Felicia Butts-Dennison

$8,971 of $10,000 goal (Raised by 102 donors)

The Story

Little Angels Family Learning Center (LALC) began as a single preschool classroom nearly 25 years ago. We have served thousands of families after growing to a multi-classroom center for children ages 0-5. We have supported in improving educational outcomes and overall quality of life while utilizing limited, shared site space, assembling and disassembling full classrooms every week to free our learning spaces for multi-purpose events and meeting spaces.

In 2015, Little Angels Family Learning Center received a Proclamation from the Mayor’s Office outlining the points of pride that the center has brought to Englewood and to the city of Chicago at large.

We are now afforded a momentous opportunity to build our own dedicated center space that will be a two-level, community center doubling our early learning classrooms and housing summer youth employment programs and a year-round “Strong Futures” program servicing justice-involved youth ages 18-24.

As we begin transitioning to a more modern facility with added service capacity to accommodate the evolving needs of our children, families, and surrounding communities, we must raise 10% of our $1.9 million building grant to jumpstart the blueprint execution in February 2018.

Earlier this year, a national news source reported that “Englewood remains a community peppered with signs of decay…. Abandoned homes and vacant lots can be found on many blocks,” but we know that our LALC is proof that Englewood is not abandoned or vacant. It is very much alive and in need of a visible community center that lets other people know that as well.

Bringing positive light to the Englewood community and providing safe spaces for growth and development to the residents is a lifelong mission of our center. LALC’s expanded facility is a community-led initiative to invest deeply in the education and wellness of the community at all ages and stages of life.