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Executive Statement

Welcome to Little Angels Learning Center

At Little Angels Learning Center we pride ourselves in providing continuity of developmental care and services as a team as parents, staff, children and community members by working together.

Little Angels work with parents to support every child’s growth and development in the early formative years of their lives. Our team has a highly qualified cadre of child education, professional development, reflective supervision and consultants.

  • We offer high quality early learning experiences for children ages 0-5 years.
  • We offer small and diverse class sizes to provide children & teachers the opportunity for one-on-one interactions for quality of learning & long-lasting relationships.
  • We are focused on creating and maintaining a stimulating learning environment and a strong foundation that are the building blocks for each child’s development & future academic success. Our educators find a real joy and purpose in our work with young children.
  • We use the Creative Curriculum to give teachers the opportunity to expand children’s minds to prepare them for kindergarten readiness, developmental & educational success.
  • We take pride in the success of our program in transitioning over ninety percent (90%) of our graduating Pre-K class to magnet schools in Chicago annually.
  • We keep parents engaged in their child(ren)’s early learning experiences through involvement, parent specialist club, parent association, on-going parent education and training classes, best practices in child care, strong home connection through home visits, building personal relationships, providing employment opportunities, monthly well-being checks & providing health education.
  • We have an open door policy and welcome all children and families regardless of their uniqueness or abilities.

On behalf of our dedicated staff and parents, we welcome you with love and open arms.


Nashone Greer
Executive Director

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